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This is a complete list of content providers indexed by BASE.

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Content provider Number of Documents Percentage of open access documents Country System Type In BASE since Feed
AESS Publications (Asian Economic and Social Society) 
2.391my MalaysiaOJSE-journals RSS | ATOM
Agropecuária Científica no Semiárido (E-Journal) 
636 [100%]br BrazilOJSE-journal RSS | ATOM
Boletines de la Academia Nacional de Historia del Ecuador 
279 [100%]ec EcuadorOJSE-journal RSS | ATOM
Bulletin of Biological and Allied Sciences Research 
32 [100%]pk PakistanOJSE-journal RSS | ATOM
107 [100%]pk PakistanOJSE-journal RSS | ATOM
Instituto de investigación y Capacitación Profesional del Pacífico (IDICAP): OJS 
96 [100%]pe PeruOJSE-journal RSS | ATOM
International Journal of Governance and Sustainability (IJGS) 
29 [100%]pk PakistanOJSE-journal RSS | ATOM
Journal of Asian Islamic Higher Institutions (JAIHI) 
27 [100%]my MalaysiaOJSE-journal RSS | ATOM
Journal of Peace and Diplomacy (JPD) 
15 [100%]pk PakistanOJSE-journal RSS | ATOM
Manglar Editores - Un Espacio para la Ciencia (E-Journal) 
41 [100%]ec EcuadorOJSE-journals RSS | ATOM
Medical Journal of South Punjab (MJSP) 
34 [100%]pk PakistanOJSE-journal RSS | ATOM
Pakistan Perspectives (E-Journal) 
299 [100%]pk PakistanOJSE-journal RSS | ATOM
Revista de Estudios Políticos y Estratégicos (EPE) 
119 [100%]cl ChileOJSE-journal RSS | ATOM
Revistas Académicas: Universidad Autonóma de Chile 
1.147 [100%]cl ChileOJSE-journals RSS | ATOM
Shaheed Benazir Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences 
20 [100%]pk PakistanOJSE-journal RSS | ATOM
The Islamic Culture (E-Journal) 
578 [100%]pk PakistanOJSE-journal RSS | ATOM
Wordly Knowledge (E-Journals) 
320uz UzbekistanOJSE-journals RSS | ATOM
Aptikom Kepri Publisher (E-Journals) 
20 [100%]id IndonesiaOJSE-journals RSS | ATOM
E-Journal Institut Teknologi Dan Kesehatan Aspirasi 
38 [50%]id IndonesiaOJSE-journals RSS | ATOM
E-Journal Universitas Cordova 
10 [100%]id IndonesiaOJSE-journals RSS | ATOM